About me

I'm an author living on the south coast of England. I've previously written, illustrated and published several children's books.

I have also recently come to the end of a new journey. I wrote my first memoir-based novel about my childhood experiences of child abuse. They were written from the perspective of my 50 year-old self (Frankie in the book). The title is:

'One Small Word
- Surviving childhood abuse'

It was published on December 18th 2018,  and officially launched on 2nd February 2019.

My book tells the world my story. I hope that it will help those who have also experienced childhood abuse and professionals supporting them. It took a lot of courage to write. That's why it is the form of a novel with all names changed. It felt safer to do that. There is, however, a positive note of hope throughout.

Now I'm writing the sequel to that book. It is more of a novel and less of a memoir. It's present title is:

Frankie Moves On

If you would like to help me with feedback, please go to my Facebook page:

Gloria Eveleigh Author and ask to join. You'd be more than welcome.

My previous picture storybooks were written and illustrated by me for small children. Each book is an engaging short story that focusses on one phonics sound. The letter/s making the sound/s are emboldened throughout the stories so children learn to associate them with the sound they represent.

To date, I have written and published 24 of these books. I am currently writing, illustrating and publishing the next group of 6. That leaves 12 more books to write to complete the set of 42 (7 groups of 6) that will enable the young readers of the whole set  to become fluent readers.


I am a mother of 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren whose ages range from 8 to 19.

I am passionate about the community I live in, and try to make positive changes through my work on the local Parish Council.

I was a research scientist for half of my career. I then qualified as a social worker and specialised in the area of safeguarding.


I shall soon be writing a sequel to my novel. I hope all those that helped and supported me with my first novel, will do the same with the new book.

I still need all the help I can get and will always remain grateful for your support.

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