About my memoir - 'One Small Word - Surviving Childhood Abuse'

50 year old Frankie, a trainee social worker on placement in a local authority team, is a survivor of childhood abuse. One day she receives a phone call from the two daughters of a client. They disclose that their father sexually abused them when they were children. This information triggers a traumatic reaction from Frankie who is forced to seek counselling, where she looks back, analyses and learns from her childhood experiences. Although these experiences are sometimes happy , sometimes horrifying and sometimes heartbreaking, a thread of hope runs through the entire novel that will help other victims of childhood abuse to recover, and practitioners  to understand the effects of historical abuse a little better. 


This second book, “No”, continues the story of my experiences as an adult, again recalling and reflecting on the events of my childhood and how they impacted on me. I had developed skills that led me to employment in the kind of settings where political manoeuvring and bullying behaviour can occur. I describe how I did experience bullying at work, to which I was particularly sensitive because of my past. My overall aim in this second book is to show abuse survivors that recovery from abuse makes you stronger but does not necessarily make you immune from further abuse in the future. In fact, it seems to attract it. Yet the added strength gained from victory over each incident of abuse helps you to deal with the next you might encounter. I wish you well as you read my journey through the eyes of Frankie and her family.