Jacky Humphries - The book is amazing I got my two copies from Amazon, my sister has read it , I’m three quarters of the way through, a very brave lady very well written, x

READER REVIEW - 19th February 2019

I received this email from a reader who passed my book on to her mother after reading it herself:

“I gave it to my 87 year old mother to read because she also had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her father. She has only shared that with me, one of eight children. At first I wasn't sure if she would want to read it. I guess I was trying to protect her from reliving what happened to her. She assured me that she wanted to read it. Here are her thoughts:

She completely related to your feeling as a child. She said it sounded similar to her own experiences. When she read the part about your parents leaving you at the hospital to get your tonsils out, she recalled the exact same thing happening to her. They never told her where or why she was going. She didn't know it was a hospital. They left her and she remembers being told she could have ice cream. I find that to be fascinating because you live in another country. The tonsil thing was her first vivid memory from the age of 5. She recalls the sexual abuse from the time she was about 7. At one point, she told her mother that she thought her brother was bothering her in the night and her mother told her that it was just a dream. I believe that her mother knew what was going on. She treated my mother differently than her siblings for her entire life.

I just want you to know that your book had an impact on my mother, a child abuse survivor. I want to validate for you that your book is a voice for all the unspoken victims out there that will never speak of the horrendous things that happened to them. My mother didn't tell me about her experience until about 3 years ago. My heart was broken that she lived all her life with that secret. But, now, she is able to openly speak of it to me. This gives me peace because I wouldn't want her to go to her grave with such a secret.

Here's another really big thing. The cover of your book hit her somewhere inside like a ton of bricks. I felt it too when I first saw it. There is such power in that little girl on the front cover. Both my mother and I had the same reaction when we saw it. It's haunting. Your book is a great one. There are so many things in there including the cover that are able to uncover hidden secrets for your readers. I just want to thank you so much for writing One Small Word.



5.0 out of 5 stars

There is Life after Child Abuse January 27, 2019

Gloria Eveleigh shares her story of horrific child abuse and how it affects her life's decisions. As you walk with her through her journey, she takes you to the healing place where a person can learn to love themselves and move on to live a beautiful and productive life. I highly reccommend this book for those seeking a light at the end of the tunnel of abuse



5.0 out of 5 stars

"An excellent biographical work. It's possible to heal from past trauma and this author shares her journey into adulthood after surviving horrendous child abuse. Walk with her on her journey to the healing place and find that it is possible to grow into a person, full of self-love and light. Gloria Eveleigh shows us that life is to be lived and enjoyed and that it's possible to have that even after experiencing child abuse. I highly recommend this book for those struggling to see the light of day after living through the hell of abuse.


READER REVIEWS - 20th February 2019

All of my previous reviews have been from those providing feedback as I wrote my book. They kept me motivated to continue writing. Their positive and negative comments helped me in my first round of editing.


Now the book is published, my reviews will come from readers and professional reviewers. Already they are positive (see the above posts), which is really exciting me and spurring me on to write my sequel to 'One Small Word'. 

Chapters 5-8 by Author, Mary

I have read your chapters and I am blown away.


It definitely is not boring!

"I’ve read the two chapters you sent me. WOW. I found it very ...I cant think of the right word, but it drew me in and I started getting very ‘into’ the book, and was disappointed that I had no more to read... it definitely is not boring!" - June 

I had to message you

"I felt I had to message you after reading the first two chapters of your book. I knew (Frankie's) abuse happened and it was bad but never realised how bad, and I'm absolutely stunned that (her) mum never stepped in to help. I'm sure you would have, and I know without question I would have - regardless of what might happen to me! Would definitely like to read more." - Sue

Reviews of Chapters 5-8 by John and Joanie

"I can honestly say I felt a strong desire to keep reading, wanting to know what would happen next, always a desirable quality in a book. I also believe one needs to care about a central character in a story such as this if it is to have any impact on the reader. Because of her age, circumstances and the abuse, one cannot help caring about Frankie and feel an emotional involvement in what occurs. Anyone who has experienced abuse will quickly relate to and identify with Frankie. Those who haven't will begin to garner some insight and understanding. Either way, readers will travel with Frankie on the journey and genuinely care about what happens to her." - John



"You so clearly give insight into a child's mind when they are not told the truth of what is happening. People are inclined to underestimate the child’s understanding of a situation. It can also create mistrust of adults, raise false hopes and have a negative affect on a trusting relationship in future...

You are also very brave in commenting on the pleasure as well as the guilt. That may well come as a revelation to some people - and a relief to other victims, who perhaps have not dared to voice this aspect of their abuse!" - Joanie

Review of Chapters 1-4 by John, Ex Child Protection Social Worker

"The challenge you have is to somehow be factual, whilst also in story form keeping the reader interested ... and caring about what happens. 

Reading the first four chapters together is helpful in ascertaining whether you have managed to achieve this and I believe you have. There is a nice flow to it it all and a real desire to keep reading. There is an awful lot of important background information given in a succinct manner which can be easily understood. You move between time frames in a way that avoids confusion by always explaining context. Obviously more information will follow concerning (Frankie's) parents and siblings, but already I feel I know quite a lot." 

Review of Chapters 1-4 by Ex Probation Officer, Joanie, who worked with perpetrators

"I couldn’t wait for the next bit and read it as I would a book.  And it is a book.  Glo, it’s so well done. You should be proud...  What comes over as a whole, is that if anyone reading this has any doubts about seeing a Counsellor, your story will allay their fears.  That’s an important element of your story I think. It’s a means to, not an end, but a kind of peace."


Review of Chapter 1 by Ex Teacher, Kathy

"I have read your first chapter, and have found it an engaging and page-turning read. The use of the present tense adds vividness to the narration, and there's lots of emotion, making it a great read - so well done!"

Review of Chapters 1 and 2 by Author, Mary

I read your 2 chapters and I really like the way your timeline is. I like the way you flashed back to your younger self and the experience that you had. I think it's a good way to go because it really allows the reader to become invested in Frankie's life. There is suspense building already about why Frankie is feeling her experience with this client in a different way and what is it about him that is triggering her to go back to memories that she thought were dealt with to only find out that there's more hiding inside of her than she thought.

Review of Chapters 1 and 2 by ex Safeguarding Service Manager, Marion

You are clearly a gifted writer. Looking forward to Chapter 3.