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CHICAGO 1871 by James Merl

"What if I told you something was gonna happen in a few days, and I know it because I'm from 147 years in the future." Chicago 1871 is a story of John Kirk, a 24-year-old seasoned wildland firefighter who just got hired by a small city department in Northern California. The night of his first shift, his engine company responded to a residential structure fire. When John and his partner were ordered inside to locate the fire, John knew the risk, but he could have never imagined what fate had in store for him. After a freak incident inside the house, John wakes up in the hospital surrounded by strangers dressed as if they had just come out of a time-period drama. At first, he thought he was being pranked, but soon discovers that somehow, he had traveled back in time 147 years to 1871 Chicago, a time he had only made fun of days earlier. Adopted by the crew of Engine Company 8, John adapts to a lifestyle he is deeply falling in love with. Then, at a fireman’s picnic, he comes to the aid of a beautiful actress and love is in the air. But the romance doesn’t stop there, John’s new partner and closest friend, Joe, and a cleaning girl at a local restaurant have eyes for each other creating an interesting dilemma. Sharon is an emancipated slave girl freed during the abolishment of slavery. With the days ticking by, John’s memory is suddenly jarred by the date. If history repeats itself then Chicago is facing one of America’s greatest disasters in less than two weeks. Armed with his knowledge of the past, John has to decide how to convince his crew of the impending fire and how much of history he’s willing to change?