I'm now writing my fourth book and second novel. My working title is Petra's story and features a young girl who lives in Littlehampton, West Sussex, with her parents, older sister and younger brother. All seems happy ... but is it?


MY EDITORIAL GROUP - 5th January 2022

I want to thank Joanie, John, Sandra, Lisa, Katharine, Janet, Lynn and Bonnie for agreeing to be my editiorial group. For Bonnie, this is her first experience and I hope she enjoys it. The others are clearly gluttons for punishment (ha ha) as they are back for a second time - and in the case of Joanie and John - their fourth time (they were my loyal editorial group when I was writing my memoirs - 'One Small Word' and 'No').

So, I shall be posting the group's feedback here (both good and bad) on the chapters I send them (three at a time). If you are not part of this group but would like to be, please drop me an email at and I will be pleased to include you.

I sent everyone in the editorial group Chapters 1-3 during the day of January 4th 2022.

Feedback from Janet (4th January 2022)

I sent everyone in the editorial group Chapters 1-3 during the day of January 4th 2022. Congratulation to Janet who read the chapters and returned the feedback on the same day. Wow I'm impressed. Here's what Janet says:

"A very good start, I was hooked into the story from the get go. I didn’t notice any mistakes, which is good I suppose, but hope I wasn’t so into the story I missed any... 

It is amazing how you have the ability to make the characters so appealing. Knowing you as I do I am sure poor Petra will find herself in trouble which is so sad …. Also, what was that teacher doing introducing Petra to a 28 year old?!?!. There is obviously going to be more to this ..."

(Good to know the story sucked you in, Janet. You're very kind. As far as the teacher is concerned - What indeed!?)

Feedback from John (5th January 2022)

"...The way Petra lies to her parents is believable, starting with small untruths and gradually escalating over time. We’ve all been there, that’s how it happens.

A solid start to what I suspect will sadly lead to greater exploitation for the likeable Petra. Good description throughout Glo, which is always a big plus for me. Well done and look forward to some more."

(Thanks, John. Your encouragement is much appreciated. Glo x)

Feedback from Katharine (7th January 2022)

"To be honest, it reads a bit old fashioned and clunky. Not like the 2000s more like 1950s." 

(Actually, Katharine is right. I'll update it. Thanks for your honesty, Katharine. Glo x)

Feedback from Joanie (8th January 2022)

"Interesting to see the 'Bradford situation' arising out of a normal loving family and the victim an intelligent girl with a future."


Feedback from Janet (10th January 2022)

Oh dear how shocking, very sad. You really do have a way of drawing in your reader. I can’t say I am enjoying the story I feel it is going to get much worse but sadly this story is an experience many vulnerable, naive, inexperienced young people have got drawn into. Once again well done for having the courage to tackle story lines like this and I want to find out what happens next!! ….

Feedback from John (9th January 2022)

... I have to say it is far from a comfortable read, which is down to the story, not your writing. This may well be a rough road that has to be trodden in order to reach smoother ground, but the very nature of it generates strong emotions, making it at times an uncomfortable read, for both male and females. If that is what you intended, you have succeeded Glo. It certainly captures the harsh reality of exploitation and abuse.


Feedback from Janet (15 th January 2022)

This story is a sad one.

Feedback from Joanie (15th January 2022)

This zooms along. I keep using the term 'page turner' but that is what it is. Reminds me of Saturday morning pictures ... with the old black & white films ... each week you were left with a cliff hanger ... !!!

I had to smile at the very English woman’s cup of tea making a difference in chapter 7.

I was relieved she (Petra) told the whole story at interview.