UPDATE - June 2022

Petra's story was going great guns for a few months until it suddenly came to a halt at chapter 15. Something was wrong! I knew this because my lovely, loyal and honest Editorial Group told me so. The plot had somehow lost its way. I had lost my way. Petra didn't know whether she was coming or going! (What do you mean Petra's not a real person? Maybe not, but she is real in my head and I could feel her distress!).

I stopped writing ... for weeks ... not a single word hit the manuscript. Was Petra to fade into oblivion and never meet her public?

NO NO NO! How could you even think such a thing? 

One early morning in February 2022 I felt a tingle in my fingers. No, it wasn't the freezing cold weather outside. They were trying to tell me something. They wanted to type, and they refused point blank to stop tingling until they were allowed to rush across the keyboard of my laptop and rewrite the whole fifteen chapters (not all at once of course). But guess what. They had added a prologue.

What? I don't do prologues ... I mean, who calls it a prologue when it could just as easlily be called chapter 1? I looked, and then looked again. Yes, this was definitely a prologue and could no way be called a chapter. I looked at my dancing fingers and had to admit that they were right. I saw Petra in the corner of my mind with a knowing grin across her face. Okay! I submit. The prologue made all the difference. The prologue can stay.

And so, we we're off again and have already reached Chapter 27. We're all on board - my fingers, Petra and my editorial group. Thanks Joanie, John, Sandra, Elaine, Sammie, Lynn and Janet for patiently rereading and feeding back on Petra version 2. It's now full steam ahead ... and maybe another published book by the end of the year.

PS: 'Petra's Story' is only the working title. I'm waiting for the real title to pop into my head when I'm least expecting it (hee hee!).


I'm now writing my fourth book and second novel. My working title is Petra's story and features a young girl who lives in Littlehampton, West Sussex, with her parents, older sister and younger brother. All seems happy ... but is it?