About me

I'm an author living on the south coast of England. I've previously written, illustrated and published several children's books.

I'm just coming to the end of a new journey, having written a novel based on my childhood memories.The title is:

'One Small Word
- Surviving childhood abuse'

I am a mother of 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren whose ages range from 7 to 18.

I am passionate about the community I live in, and try to make positive changes through my work on the local Parish Council.

I was a research scientist for half of my career. I then qualified as a social worker and specialised in the area of safeguarding.

I managed to turn the negative experiences of my childhood around so that I could help other abuse victims.

I am now telling the world my story in the hope that it will help those who have also experienced childhood abuse.

In this memoir-based novel, names are changed but memories are real. There is a positive note of hope throughout.

Thank you to all those who joined my email list to help me on my journey, which has been both challenging and enjoyable?

You've read parts of my novel in advance of publication, and told me what you think. You've  provided critiques and suggestions that I've found invaluable.

Your names will be included in the list of acknowledgements in my finished book.

I hope you'll remain with me during the writing of my next book, which I've already made a start on.

I still need all the help I can get and will always remain grateful for your support.

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