updated May 2023

STOP PRESS! 24th July 2023

I'm very excited about some recent developments concerning my autobiographical novels, ONE SMALL WORD - SURVIVING CHILDHOOD ABUSE and NO - SEQUEL TO ONE SMALL WORD. I cannot say much yet but I can say that a literary agent is involved, and I now have my own trading logo, which you can see below. You'll find updates here as soon as there are any.

I am a mother of 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren - 4 teenagers and 1 in her twenties. I was Chair of my local Parish Council a few years ago,  and also voluntary Safeguarding and Welfare Manager for my local football team. I started off my working life at fifteen-years-old as a research scientist, and then qualified as a social worker while I managed a day care centre for elderly people. Following that, I moved to planning and commissioning and specialized in the area of safeguarding.

I first started writing and illustrating phonics-focused picture storybooks for small children in 2015 when I retired. There are 42 books in this series so it was a long-term project that I finally finished in 2020. Over the last year, having ended my publishing contract with a company in America, I have began the lengthy tast of republishing these books myself on KDP to ensure that the retail price is within the reach of young families.

Whilst still writing my phonics storybooks, I wrote the first half of my memoir, 'One Small Word - Surviving childhood abuse' during 2018 using the 'Author Learning Centre's Book in a year program. I consolidated my learning the following year by writing the second half of my memoir entitled 'No - sequel to One Small Word'. But then I needed a new challenge, so decided in 2020 to learn how to write a fiction novel using the same ALC program, and am currently writing book number 5.

With every book I write, I recruit and rely heavily upon my editorial group to provide me with their very valuable feedback. I'm so grateful to them. A heartfelt thank you to each person that willingly gives their time in this way. If you're reading this and would like to be part of this group, you'd be most welcome. Just drop me a quick email to gloriaeveleigh@icloud.com

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