I feel so happy. My first fiction book won an award -YEY!


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Set 2 of my unique Phonics Storybooks For Small Children at the revised price of the Set 1 books will be republished on Amazon over the next 6 weeks. Look at the Phonics Books page on this website for updates.

STOP PRESS! - 5th January 2022

My latest novel is in progress. It's working title is PETRA'S STORY. Check out the page on this website with that title to monitor my progress, join my editorial group, or just make any comments that you'd like to. I'd love to hear from anyone with an interest in my books. You can email me at

Buy your child the gift of reading for Christmas

I'm so excited to announce that I am republishing my series of Phonics Focused Picture Storybooks for Small Children. The BIG news is that the paperbacks are only £5.50 each. How am I managing to cut the price to less than half? I ended my contract with my publisher and am republishing them myself on Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing.

I have promised to publish the first 6 books in the series before Christmas. After learning the first six phonics sounds from these books, your child will be able to read simple sentences. Not only can you begin to teach phonics to your child from the age of 2 - YES I said 2 - but it's such a fun way to learn to read.

So whether you are a mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunty, uncle, or school teacher, YOU can give the child/children in your life the gift of reading.

Buy now to miss the Christmas rush. Books 1-3 are already available. Books 4-6 are not far behind. 

BEWARE FAKE COPIES OF 'ONE SMALL WORD' on Ebay - 18th September 2021

Please beware of fake copies of my book 'One Small Word - Surviving childhood abuse for sale on Ebay (See the fake cover below). You can see the real cover by selecting the Memoirs tab above). This fake book infringes my copyright and thus is illegal. I have reported it to Ebay's copyright department in the hope that the fake will be removed.

STOP PRESS - 2nd August 2021

My latest book, 'Shattered Pieces can Still Shine - Georgie's story is now available to download from Amazon for £2.99. Buy now to discover what happened to Georgie after she experienced child abuse and forced prostitution.


'One Small Word - Surviving childhood abuse' has won a second award, this time a Maincrest Media Book Award. Go to my Memoirs page to learn more about it and to read the judges report.


Go to my 'First Fiction Novel' page for the latest newsflash about my upcoming new book, 'Shattered Pieces can Still Shine - Georgie's story'.



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Celebrations are in order! 'One Small Word - Surviving childhood abuse' has been honored as a @bookexcellenceawards Finalist in the Memoir category. The Book Excellence Awards honor books that have high quality design, writing and market appeal. To see the full listing of the book on the award site, please visit:

Author and Champion for abuse survivors

A Little About Me - Updated 25th January 2021

A little about me and my future plans: I am a mother of 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren whose ages range from 11 to 20. I am passionate about the community I live in and initially tried to make positive changes through my work as Chair of my local Parish Council. I now volunteer with the local community football club as Safeguarding and Welfare Manager. I'm there to ensure that the players learn about abuse and understand how they can gain support should they ever experience abuse within the football arena or at home. I retired from full-time employment 4 years ago, but when I was working, I started off as a research scientist. I then qualified as a social worker and specialized in the area of safeguarding.

I first started writing phonics-focused storybooks for small children in 2015 when I retired. There are 42 books in this series so it was a long-term project that I finally finished in 2020.

Whilst still writing my phonics storybooks, I wrote the first half of my memoir, 'One Small Word - Surviving childhood abuse'  during 2018 using the 'Author Learning Centre's Book in a year program. (Follow this link to see my testimonial on the ALC website:

I consolidated my learning the following year by writing the second half of my memoir entitled 'No - sequel to One Small Word'.

But now I needed a new challenge, so decided in 2020 to learn how to write a fiction novel using the same ALC program, and am currently three-quarters of the way through it. Yet again I have my editorial group in place to provide me with their ever more valuable feedback. I'm so grateful to them. A heartfelt thank you to each person that willingly gives their time in this way. If you're reading this and would like to be part of this group, you'd be most welcome. Just drop me a quick email to

My latest venture is to work with a literary agent from the American organization, Global Summit House. Who knows what the future will hold. Watch this space!

'One Small Word - Surviving childhood abuse'

This, my first adult book, was published on December 18th 2018, and officially launched on 2nd February 2019. My book tells the world my story. I hope that it will help those who have also experienced childhood abuse and professionals supporting them. It took a lot of courage to write. That's why it reads like a novel with all names changed. It felt safer to do that. There is, however, a positive note of hope throughout..


Read more about the book on the 'My Memoirs' page of this website.

'No - Sequel to One Small Word'

I have also completed the sequel to my first book, which is entitled, 'No - Sequel to One Small Word' and was published on 23rd April 2020. This book spans my life from the age of 50 to the present. (I was 72 years old at the time of publishing). Gaining victory over the effects of my childhood abuse wasn't the end. I discovered that once you've been abused, you seem to become a magnet to other abusers. I describe in this book how I overcame the attempts of several potential abusers, by using that one small word, 'No', that I had previously discovered. It wasn't always as simple as that, but if you read the book, you'll see for yourself. I hope that reading about my experiences will help other survivors of childhood abuse to continue to bat off would-be abusers in their lives.

Phonics picture storybooks for small children

"But what about the children's books?" I hear you ask. I wrote and illustrated these books myself with lots of help from my sister, Jackie Smith, who ran her own business for many years teaching children phonics. My books are about helping small children from a very young age to gain an interest in learning to read. Each book is a fun and engaging short story that focuses on one phonics sound. The letter/s making the particular sound is highlighted throughout the story so children learn to associate them with the sound they represent. To date, I have written and published 30 of these books, and the remaining 12 books have been published as kindle e-books only because publishing hard copies is an expensive business. Now the whole set of 42 - the number of sounds that the Jolly Phonics system teaches - is complete. The theory is that once a child has learned all 42 sounds, they should be able to read fluently - and the sooner they can read, the sooner they can gain access to libraries and the wondrous world that exists via the worldwide web.

STOP PRESS - December 2020

I missed writing and illustrating my phonics storybooks so much that I decided to start a new series of ebooks on Amazon about Hilary the Hedgehog. Hilary loves to hide so that children can look for, and find her. She also loves to hide things in different places for children to find. These short books will definitely improve observation skills whilst providing hours of fun for parents and children together. Check them out. Instant download for only £1.77 per book. Just search my name in the books section of Amazon.

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