'Shattered Pieces Can Still Shine - Georgie's story' was finally published on 2nd August 2021, and here we are on 1st June 2022, ten months later, and I've just realised that I haven't updateed this page on my website!!

And that's not all. I have even more exciting news - this book - my first fiction novel - not only won a Maincrest Print and Media Award since it was published, but has now also won a Book Excellence Award.

This is my second Book Excellence Award. The first was for my first ever adult book, 'One Small Word'. Not bad for someone who didn't start writing adult books until four years ago. Selling them, of course, is another matter ...


Having commissioned a professional assessment of my manuscript and received a very positive report, I have been busy implementing the editor's suggestions and carrying out my very last copy edit. I feel I could almost recite the whole book off by heart now, having read it through so many times. My final step before publishing is to hand over the manuscript to a good friend of mine with eyes that can spot any final spelling or grammar mistakes from a mile off. She will be, in effect, the person that adds the final polish to my little gemstone before it is published.

So everything is still on schedule for a September launch of 'Shattered Pieces can Still Shine - Georgie's story'. It feels like it's been a long time coming but I know it's a good read, so I'm excited to get it published on Amazon for all my readers to enjoy.


I've completed my first draft of "Shattered Pieces can Still Shine - Georgie's story". My amazing editorial group has corrected, edited and fedback as all 42 chapters have been written. I've had a week or two of grieving my characters as they have a rest - for the time being anyway?!

Now comes the boring bit. Several readthroughs to make sure the manuscript is as good as it can get before I commission a professional structural editor to refine and polish it into the shining gem it will become..

Then I'll move on to the self-publishing process. That's another story altogether - one that new for me - although having mastered the same process for my phonics picture storybooks, I'm hoping the learning curve won't be too painful.

So for now, rejoice with me, and look forward to another Gloria Eveleigh book to read in a few months time.


Welcome to my first fiction novel. I'm been learning as I go along by doing the Author Learning Centre Book in a Year course as I did for my memoir. The process for writing a work of fiction is very different but very fascinating. You map out the storyline by first having an inkling of an idea and then carrying out a 'What if?' excercise. I knew I wanted to write a historical novel set in post WW2 England. It had to be centred in a small but straggling village where there had been no bombing, and all its soldiers returned safely. I found a village in Cumberland that fit this description. I wanted it to be about the life of a little girl born to a soldier and his girlfriend. After 2 hours of 'What iffing' I had the whole story mapped out. Magic!

Since then, I've learned about the fundamentals of writing fiction, how to create captivating characters; how to write dialogue that deepens characters; how to show, not tell; and the techniques of how to tell a story from different points of view. I've learned and am still learning so much, and trying to put it into practice as I write.

I've written 39 chapters to date (March 2021) and my editorial group is keeping me on my toes by reading my work and providing constructive and honest feedback, which is invaluable. I'm publishing some of this feedback on this page as I go along. If anyone out there would like to join this group, then please contact me on

My title is 'Shattered Pieces can still Shine' and my I've selected my book cover (see the post below).

I've written about my current marketing attempts - yes, even before it's finished. Pop over to my Blog page for details.


I conducted a poll on social media to select the book cover for my new book, 'Shattered Pieces can still Shine'. Which would you have chosen?

I can reveal that the public chose the bright yellow one on the right below, so that is the one I've officially adopted. Thank you to all those that took part.


"You have portrayed the characters so well. I care about what happens to the children, I was saddened by Pattie’s death and worry about Robert. Hated Alfie, Florrie and Gerald. All adds to the enjoyment!" (Joanie Wood)

"I enjoyed reading the story Glo, it flows nicely and has some good unexpected twists and turns. I didn’t come across anything that was not in keeping with the times and you have obviously done a bit of research on train travel times, cost etc. I’m genuinely looking forward to finding out what happens next, which is all you could ask from a reader!" (John Wood)

"I’m really enjoying it because it’s true to life It was spot on and got me wanting to read on especially when the police arrived to say Gerald would be coming home." (Sandra Johnson)

"A TV in 1960 in a brothel? Weren’t TVs very expensive and unusual in those days?" (Katharine Miller)


From now on I'm going to list general feedback and reviews from my editorial group - updating them from time to time. So far, I have reviews for all chapters up to and including Chapter 23. So here goes:

" I know it’s a personal preference of mine, but for me, your best writing is when you pause to explain thought processes, motivations, links, options, etc. This is so helpful for the reader in understanding and gradually coming to ‘know’ the characters. They become three dimensional and we can relate to what they are thinking and feeling much better. " (John Wood)

"Have loved reading the chapters - they definitely draw you in and you want to know more about the characters... I like the style of writing." (Lisa Johnson)

"It’s not really my sort of book. However, I found myself wanting to read on from page to page and chapter to chapter." (Tony Johnson)

"I always think the essence of a good novel is wanting to know what happens next, and this has it. At this point, I am hating Alfie and wondering about Gerald’s past, which we haven’t really learned about yet (apart from Alfie’s lies). Loving the Braithwaites!" (Joanie Wood)

"Another good read. Thank you." (Lynn Hornsby)

"Very well written and the switching between interviews works without being at all confusing. This was an appropriate use of the switching technique, giving it an almost filmic quality, like the reader could see it all." (John Wood)

"I’m intrigued to find out what’s going to happen next – especially to Georgie. I can see what the characters look like in my mind’s eye. The story has really got me, and I can’t wait for the next bit." (Sandra Johnson)

"I have really enjoyed it. I got into the story really quickly ... Well done. Such an engaging story." (Janet Hooper)

"Thoroughly enjoyed and couldn’t put it down. It’s lovely and also easy to read, and I always want to turn to the next chapter to see what will happen keeps me interested so that I want to read further. I can see the characters in my mind. Florrie is lovely; Georgie is an endearing little girl with a kind soul, she has been very vulnerable ... Pattie comes over as very soft but at the same time very organized like in the shop. The balance between the dialogue and the descriptions is good, even though I personally, find the dialogue quite difficult to read because of my dyslexia." (Sandra Johnson)

"You’ve done well with these Chapters Glo, they build nicely on the preceding Chapters and add a lot to the story. Refreshing to read a positive account of a children’s home too, as many did do good work. The Reverend character seemed a nice chap too, I was worried for a moment there!" (John Wood)

"Moving along a pace here Glo and enjoying it, key thing is, as with any good book, you want to know what happens next!!! In addition, you want to know what happens about the people you care about and those who care for them, ie Georgie and Daisy." (Joanie Wood)

"When will the next episode be …? It feels like when you watch a drama on TV and have to wait until the following week to find out what happens next …" (Janet Hooper)

"Really enjoying reading these chapters - you write beautifully and I can’t put them down!!" (Lisa Johnson)